What are the features of Hand-painted Oil Painting

1. the picture effect is good. The wholesale conclusion of Jin Mailang's hand-painted oil painting is that pure hand-painted oil painting is very comfortable and natural in its natural performance, smooth lines and changes in light and shade. It seems that it is not deliberate to do nothing, everything seems so natural, and the value of art appreciation is very high.

2. The preservation time of hand-painted oil painting is long. Generally, it can be preserved for hundreds of years or even thousands of years. Many famous oil paintings in the world have a history of hundreds or thousands of years and have high collection value.

3. Strong decorative effect. Ordinary family, villa decoration will choose pure hand-painted oil painting, because the artistic atmosphere of hand-painted oil painting is rich, a tasteful oil painting can reflect the owner's elegant artistic temperament, give people a sense of extraordinary atmosphere, more can beautify the living space.

4. Drawing time is long. Hand-painted oil painting is painted by artists one by one. Many artists have subjective ideas and understanding of beauty. It takes a long time to draw, and the price of the painting is relatively expensive.

5. The hand-painted oil painting has a strong sense of three-dimensional, hierarchical and artistic. Jin Mailang's hand-painted oil wholesale points out that the changes of color and light are very delicate. The object of painting is not a simple reproduction of objects, but a vivid reproduction of life.

6. The value of art appreciation is high. The hand-painted oil painting has a certain collection value. https://www.qiqiart.com Offers Best Handmade Large Abstract Painting On Canvas. Cheap Extra Large Modern Abstract Canvas Wall Art for Sale Free Shipping.

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With the rapid development of economy and technology and the increasing demand for commercial oil paintings, printing paintings (color filling paintings) have been derived, which has a great impact on traditional handmade paintings. Although its picture effect and brush feel are relatively strong, it is still very difficult for ordinary buyers to distinguish. Today, we will talk about the distinguishing methods of handmade oil painting and print oil painting, so that you do not suffer from dumbness, improve the appreciation ability.

1. Pure hand-made: pure hand-made edge line of the screen will not be too neat, the thickness of the paint will not be too uniform, a strong touch of the artificial pen. Dip your finger in a little water and gently rub your finger in the dark color of the picture without any color, because oil paints are oily and insoluble in water.

2. Color painting: Color painting is printed on canvas and covered with oil paints by hand once or twice. Such paintings are most commonly discolored, because the longer the painting time, the oil paints on the screen will mix with the printing color to some extent. This kind of painting is the most common, mainly based on landscape or abstract class. There is almost no difference in appearance between pure manual oil painting, but this is only a short-term effect, and it will change color over time. It can be detected by dipping the finger in water, and the white paper is more obvious.

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Hand-made oil painting is incomparable with other print paintings because hand-made oil painting integrates the painter's emotion, technology, and sweat. Of course, print painting also has its ornamental value.

Oil painting is a kind of painting which is made of fast-drying vegetable oil (linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.) mixed with pigments on canvas linen, cardboard or wooden board. The diluents used in paint are volatile turpentine oil and dry linseed oil. Pigments adsorbed on the screen have a strong hardness, and can keep luster for a long time after the screen is dried. Depending on the covering power and transparency of the pigments, the objects are depicted adequately, with rich colors and strong three-dimensional texture. Oil painting is one of the main types of Western painting. Handmade Large Abstract Painting on Canvas Sale Online, Oversized Abstract Wall Art, https://www.abstractpaintingcanvas.com Minimalist Art Black and White Painting for Home and Office Decor.

Large modern paintings -The eighteenth century Italian painting although only the glorious history of nostalgia,Large Canvas Art Sale and did not create anything new, but in Venice, compared with Florence, Rome, milan, it 
seems that the Renaissance of light seems to be stronger, so as to become the center of Italian art, but also maintain the prosperity of art.
Leach was the first representative figure in Venetian painting.
He was born in bellino and came to Venice as a young man.
Although he is the representative of the Venetian school of painting,Contemporary Art but because of his love of travel, and active personality, so throughout Rome, 
milan, Florence, borunya and other places.
He has a strong interest in the popular baroque art of the 17th century, but always treats it with a rational research attitude.
Veronese, the representative painter of the Venetian school in the late Renaissance, was deeply attracted by his influence.
It can almost be said that leach's painting style was created on the basis of veronese by absorbing some features of baroque art.Leach's famous work, saint qurekolivis and the spirit of purgatory, is his representative work in his later years.

The painting, which is based on the bible, had been painted by many artists before leach.
As early as 1455, donatello in Italy made wood carvings, and titian later painted the Mary Magdalene, and caravaggio painted this theme, in 1595;
And weidan of the Netherlands.
But the work of these painters was different from leach's. They all painted Mary Magdalene as a portrait, either crying, confessing, or self-abasement, instead of presenting Mary magdalene as holy and almost like the virgin Mary, as leach did.
The semi-naked magdalene in the painting is just like a fairy. She is simple and kind,Large Abstract Art pure and beautiful. Her looking up face and elegant arm posture show a 
rising trend.
The lovely little angel fluttered around her, adding to the joy of ascension.
It turns out that Mary Magdalene in the bible was a prostitute who had escaped insult and injury, and because of her confession, she was forgiven by Jesus and became a saint.
After Jesus accepted her confession, he cast off the seven demons who had possessed her, made her a pure woman and served beside him.
After Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead, he appeared and said, "proclaim the deeds of Mary Magdalene wherever you preach."
It can be said that this painting of leach fundamentally reflects the meaning of this sentence of Jesus' apparition, and vividly promotes the Mary Magdalene.
Surrounded by angels, maria is driving clouds to rise into the sky, which shows the characteristics of baroque art.
The painter accurately and vividly depicts the dynamic characteristics of the soaring and rising characters. The dynamic characteristics of the characters vary from different angles, and the wings of the characters are depicted in a very 
vivid and natural way.
In the use of color, leach with large red, blue form a stronger contrast, increased the dynamic picture.
The color of the whole painting is light and bright. Leach did not pursue the brilliant baroque effect, which shows his unique style.

Body is the most basic element of oil painting, which includes shape and volume. Shape refers to the spatial characteristics of the external image, and volume refers to the three-dimensional shape of the object. When describing objective images, the body has strong expressiveness, requiring the artist to grasp the shape and characteristics of the image, to have a keen visual response to the object and a profound expressive ability, to discover and excavate the hidden performance value and aesthetic meaning in the depth of the body.

In realistic Handmade Abstract Painting, texture is a very important element of expression. It can give people satisfaction and pleasure in sensory sense, and can make people have the desire to touch. Because texture can produce strong stimulation to vision, which causes people's excitement and impulse, realistic Large Modern Canvas Art has always been favored by the world. In modern painting art, the concept of texture has changed greatly. It is not only a vivid description of objects, but also a different expression of the texture of the materials used. The visual and interesting nature of the picture enriches the visual language and strengthens the spirit of the picture itself.

Color and shade are inseparable, and the relationship between light and shade is reflected by the brightness of color. Tone color can not only consider the brightness of color, the colorful world is composed of color, color is life. However, the perception of color varies from person to person. On the one hand, the weak color blindness, on the other hand, people's subjective emotions can directly affect the visual sensitivity to color, cold and warm, as well as people's likes and dislikes of different colors. Subjective color forms the painter's different color features.

From the vital characteristics of concrete Large Canvas Art Sale artwork, the china language of concrete piece of art is decomposed into fundamental vocabulary such as physical structure, structure, light and darkness, space, tone, tonality, mental atmosphere, thick and slim, dry and wet, in addition the general rules concerning the composition of real painting are revealed in the framework of about three methods: modeling language, color language and picture framework terminology.

Beneath the logical thought regarding advocating technology, Western traditional Large Abstract Wall Decor oil painting pays much more attention to be able to the fake of things, in addition to the excavation of fuzy language is continue to inside the natural period. On the other hand, the particular hysteria of terminology still lurks behind typically the quest for "authenticity". This type associated with latent fuzy terminology offers furnished many helpful enlightenment for the advancement associated with modern essential Extra Large Contemporary Canvas oil painting. By simply means regarding the evaluation of very subjective language inside traditional essential olive oil painting, it may aid us just about all in order to comprehend the improvement circumstances of Western extra virgin olive oil part of art even more significantly. This means you may supply effective reference for your advancement of the current image Large Modern Abstract Art oil painting.

Usually the imaginative images in concrete works of fine art usually are identifiable. Greek sculptures, modern day realism and modern day super-realism are regarded given that common representatives with this particular sort of art since their own images are very simply like natural objects. Representational artwork widely exists inside of human being art actions, ranging coming from primitive cave murals inside The european countries to spiritual murals inside Renaissance, from Buddhist artwork in India in purchase to portrait bricks inside addition to rocks inside China, we all may possibly see such art works, which often is still the great crucial artistic style within artwork creation. Old European counterfeit theory, old Chinese picture concept in addition to D. De uma Vinci's remarks are actually identified theoretical expression regarding revolutionary art.