Body is the most basic element of oil painting, which includes shape and volume. Shape refers to the spatial characteristics of the external image, and volume refers to the three-dimensional shape of the object. When describing objective images, the body has strong expressiveness, requiring the artist to grasp the shape and characteristics of the image, to have a keen visual response to the object and a profound expressive ability, to discover and excavate the hidden performance value and aesthetic meaning in the depth of the body.


In realistic Handmade Abstract Painting, texture is a very important element of expression. It can give people satisfaction and pleasure in sensory sense, and can make people have the desire to touch. Because texture can produce strong stimulation to vision, which causes people's excitement and impulse, realistic Large Modern Canvas Art has always been favored by the world. In modern painting art, the concept of texture has changed greatly. It is not only a vivid description of objects, but also a different expression of the texture of the materials used. The visual and interesting nature of the picture enriches the visual language and strengthens the spirit of the picture itself.

Color and shade are inseparable, and the relationship between light and shade is reflected by the brightness of color. Tone color can not only consider the brightness of color, the colorful world is composed of color, color is life. However, the perception of color varies from person to person. On the one hand, the weak color blindness, on the other hand, people's subjective emotions can directly affect the visual sensitivity to color, cold and warm, as well as people's likes and dislikes of different colors. Subjective color forms the painter's different color features.

Large modern paintingss-The eighteenth century Italian painting although only the glorious history of nostalgia,Large Canvas Art Sale and did not create anything new, but in Venice, compared with Florence, Rome, milan, it
seems that the Renaissance of light seems to be stronger, so as to become the center of Italian art, but also maintain the prosperity of art.
Leach was the first representative figure in Venetian painting.
He was born in bellino and came to Venice as a young man.
Although he is the representative of the Venetian school of painting,Contemporary Art but because of his love of travel, and active personality, so throughout Rome,
milan, Florence, borunya and other places.
He has a strong interest in the popular baroque art of the 17th century, but always treats it with a rational research attitude.
Veronese, the representative painter of the Venetian school in the late Renaissance, was deeply attracted by his influence.
It can almost be said that leach's painting style was created on the basis of veronese by absorbing some features of baroque art.Leach's famous work, saint qurekolivis and the spirit of purgatory, is his representative work in his later years.HANDMADE ABSTRACT ART MODERN WALL ART

Besides, there is the ascension of Mary magdalene.
The painting, which is based on the bible, had been painted by many artists before leach.
As early as 1455, donatello in Italy made wood carvings, and titian later painted the penitent magdalene, and caravaggio painted this theme, in 1595;
And weidan of the Netherlands.
But the work of these painters was different from leach's. They all painted Mary magdalene as a portrait, either crying, confessing, or self-abasement, instead of presenting Mary magdalene as holy and almost like the virgin Mary, as leach did.
The semi-naked magdalene in the painting is just like a fairy. She is simple and kind,Large Abstract Art pure and beautiful. Her looking up face and elegant arm posture show a
rising trend.
The lovely little angel fluttered around her, adding to the joy of ascension.
It turns out that Mary magdalene in the bible was a prostitute who had escaped insult and injury, and because of her confession, she was forgiven by Jesus and became a saint.
After Jesus accepted her confession, he cast off the seven demons who had possessed her, made her a pure woman and served beside him.
After Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead, he appeared and said, "proclaim the deeds of Mary magdalene wherever you preach."
It can be said that this painting of leach fundamentally reflects the meaning of this sentence of Jesus' apparition, and vividly promotes the magdalene Mary.
Surrounded by angels, maria is driving clouds to rise into the sky, which shows the characteristics of baroque art.
The painter accurately and vividly depicts the dynamic characteristics of the soaring and rising characters. The dynamic characteristics of the characters vary from different angles, and the wings of the characters are depicted in a very
vivid and natural way.
In the use of color, leach with large red, blue form a stronger contrast, increased the dynamic picture.
The color of the whole painting is light and bright. Leach did not pursue the brilliant baroque effect, which shows his unique style.



Large modern paintings

In 1983, was the central academy of an ordinary teacher JinShangYi exhibited in cafa gallery his a picture book,Great Big Canvas the tajik bride, showing soft elegant is tonal, exquisite and
delicate brushwork and dated beautiful pure expression, as if the people into a serene and pure aesthetic artistic conception.
When the Chinese painting circle in the mid-1980s was stirring the great changes of the new art, "tajik bride" seemed to herald a quiet revolution, opening a new page for the development of modern Chinese oil painting, and also marked
the formation of a new art genre featuring classical painting style.

Oil painting as an exotic type introduced in China began in the qing dynasty,Big Canvas Art  sheng yu after the may fourth new culture movement, the modelling of materials, techniques and
concepts, of course, also from the west, but in the first half of this century painting concepts into China, it is in western modernism, back from Europe to study Chinese art students on the one hand, back to the tradition of the
European academic painting techniques, on the other hand also accepted a large number of European modernism painting style, combined with traditional Chinese painting and the need of reality, formed the unique style of Chinese early oil
painting, the xu beihong, liu haisu, wu zuoren, a batch of outstanding painter.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's oil painting has undergone significant changes. In the international political environment in the 1950s, especially in the context of China's political reality, the academy of
fine arts of the former Soviet union and the traditional style of Russian painting have had a significant impact on the development of Chinese oil painting.
50 s by the former Soviet union experts maxi merv in central academy of fine arts oil painting training class to Chinese students systematically accepted European classical oil painting techniques training, although Russian painting is
not authentic European classical tradition,Large Canvas Art at the same time, the oil painting style of the Soviet union is mainly serve for the political style of socialist realism.
It is in this environment that a new generation of Chinese oil painters has grown up. Jin shangyi, zhan jianjun and other famous oil painters like quan shan shi all studied in the ma training class.

On the one hand, the guidance of Soviet experts laid a new foundation for the development of Chinese oil painting; on the other hand, it also established a socialist modeling system for Chinese oil painting.
But at the time of the condition, the realistic art has not been healthy development, except for a few works, painting and other arts, under the influence of the left-leaning artistic thought, policy propaganda tool, in the cultural
revolution, a far-left, oil painting is only permitted in a "red light" style to serve politics, far from the real realism is becoming more and more.

Sometimes looking at the empty walls inside your home, have you thought about buying some large modern paintings to hang?
Now a lot of friends are in household decorate when liking to hang adornment picture, for instance in corridor, study, sitting room, these places suit to hang adornment picture very much.
But, adornment picture is to have fastidious, not be to be put painstakingly at will article, do you know how to hang adornment picture?
Come and get to know me.

How to hang a decorative picture - pay attention to the placement of the decorative picture
No matter be the calligraphy that the bedroom decorates or other room decorates hang a picture, above all, conspicuous this condition is the most important.
We can hang it to open the wall that room door face is opposite, tea table or be sofa relies on the upper part of wall, the setting wall that serves as sofa is very good also, but ten million remember cannot be hanged in corner place or the corner place of chest, such hang a law very unlucky.

How to hang decorative painting - hang decorative painting to pay attention to lighting
The daylighting of bedroom picture is very important, very cultured, especially the bedroom that draws kind hangs a picture.
Do not have a bedroom to draw can have dark cent, however the illuminant of the painting is the bedroom that needs to adopt left upper part, to face the sun, so bedroom adornment is drawn should be hanged inside the bedroom and window
become 90 degrees of Angle flank, such can use the natural light source outside the window, also can echo each other.

How to hang a decorative picture - pay attention to the height of the decorative picture
Adornment picture is hanged appropriate adornment height is helpful for people to watch and enjoy, highly generally is the bedroom painted pictures on parallel people stood at the centre of the slightly higher position best, the distance from the ground commonly 2 meters high, too high or too low will lead to the collocation of coordination of whole room, so we must avoid don't match the phenomenon.

How to hang decorative paintings - notice the number of decorative paintings
Amount of adornment picture is not much, although be much also ok, but must put reach the designated position, such ability has the effect that makes the finishing point to the bedroom.
Overmuch hang adornment picture to be able to make a person dazzling instead, the adornment picture that chooses meticulously is enough already, such meeting makes whole space appears atmosphere is thick.

How to hang decorative paintings - notice the hues of decorative paintings
The tonal tint of adornment picture cannot too onefold, and even with household decorates the integral color of style to cooperate each other, the content of adornment picture should give priority to with contracted concise, reflect the interest that gives hang adornment picture.
Then there are the colorful oil paintings or watercolours which are also very suitable for decorative painting.
For the household that decorates to old-style style, friends can choose a few adornment pictures that have name clan style or person has historical representative meaning, but still need to ask to achieve harmonious visual effect on whole.

I've already told you how to get the best results by hanging large modern paintings. Have you noticed these problems before?
After reading these notes, you can try them on your own and use these techniques to adjust the decorative painting hung in your home.
The type of adornment picture is a lot of, you can buy a few kinds of outfit to act the role of a picture to hang in different place more, can let a home become more beautiful certainly inside