Pure hand-painted oil painting is a brush-by-brush painting by a painter. A  Large Abstract Wall Art needs to be created for several days or even a month, and the output is low. It belongs to pure hand-made, so it is doomed that its price can not be very cheap. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hand-painted oil painting?

Extra Large Black and White Abstract Canvas Art for Living Room

Advantages of Hand Painting
1. Good picture effect
Hand-painted  Large Contemporary Canvas Art show people the natural side and look unintentional.

2. Long storage time
Hand-painted oil paintings have been preserved for quite a long time. There are many famous oil paintings in the world, which have a history of hundreds or even thousands of years. Therefore, hand-painted oil paintings have great collection value.

3. Strong decorative effect
Hand-painted oil painting has a strong artistic atmosphere, a tasteful oil painting can reflect the owner's elegant artistic temperament, give people a sense of extraordinary atmosphere, and beautify the owner's living space.

The Disadvantage of Hand Painting
1. Long production process
A painting usually takes three to fifteen days to produce. The production process is too long, so it reminds customers that a good painting is worth waiting for patiently.

2. The smell of new  Extra Large Contemporary Wall Art
The taste of new oil paintings is really a little hard to accept. Like newly decorated houses, painting can basically eliminate the taste of oil paintings in a month or two. However, there are also high-grade oil paints which are tasteless, but not yet sold in China. So many other painters have no business for this, and I have a headache for the question

3. Hand-painted oil painting is expensive
Hand-painted oil painting is really more expensive than spray painting and printing, and the cost of hand-painted oil painting is high, and the production process is cumbersome. If the cost of hand-painted oil painting can be the same as that of spray painting and print, I believe that hand-painted oil painting can definitely eliminate the oil painting of spray painting and print in the market.