Large modern paintings

In 1983, was the central academy of an ordinary teacher JinShangYi exhibited in cafa gallery his a picture book,Great Big Canvas the tajik bride, showing soft elegant is tonal, exquisite and
delicate brushwork and dated beautiful pure expression, as if the people into a serene and pure aesthetic artistic conception.
When the Chinese painting circle in the mid-1980s was stirring the great changes of the new art, "tajik bride" seemed to herald a quiet revolution, opening a new page for the development of modern Chinese oil painting, and also marked
the formation of a new art genre featuring classical painting style.

Oil painting as an exotic type introduced in China began in the qing dynasty,Big Canvas Art  sheng yu after the may fourth new culture movement, the modelling of materials, techniques and
concepts, of course, also from the west, but in the first half of this century painting concepts into China, it is in western modernism, back from Europe to study Chinese art students on the one hand, back to the tradition of the
European academic painting techniques, on the other hand also accepted a large number of European modernism painting style, combined with traditional Chinese painting and the need of reality, formed the unique style of Chinese early oil
painting, the xu beihong, liu haisu, wu zuoren, a batch of outstanding painter.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's oil painting has undergone significant changes. In the international political environment in the 1950s, especially in the context of China's political reality, the academy of
fine arts of the former Soviet union and the traditional style of Russian painting have had a significant impact on the development of Chinese oil painting.
50 s by the former Soviet union experts maxi merv in central academy of fine arts oil painting training class to Chinese students systematically accepted European classical oil painting techniques training, although Russian painting is
not authentic European classical tradition,Large Canvas Art at the same time, the oil painting style of the Soviet union is mainly serve for the political style of socialist realism.
It is in this environment that a new generation of Chinese oil painters has grown up. Jin shangyi, zhan jianjun and other famous oil painters like quan shan shi all studied in the ma training class.

On the one hand, the guidance of Soviet experts laid a new foundation for the development of Chinese oil painting; on the other hand, it also established a socialist modeling system for Chinese oil painting.
But at the time of the condition, the realistic art has not been healthy development, except for a few works, painting and other arts, under the influence of the left-leaning artistic thought, policy propaganda tool, in the cultural
revolution, a far-left, oil painting is only permitted in a "red light" style to serve politics, far from the real realism is becoming more and more.