Sometimes looking at the empty walls inside your home, have you thought about buying some large modern paintings to hang?
Now a lot of friends are in household decorate when liking to hang adornment picture, for instance in corridor, study, sitting room, these places suit to hang adornment picture very much.
But, adornment picture is to have fastidious, not be to be put painstakingly at will article, do you know how to hang adornment picture?
Come and get to know me.

How to hang a decorative picture - pay attention to the placement of the decorative picture
No matter be the calligraphy that the bedroom decorates or other room decorates hang a picture, above all, conspicuous this condition is the most important.
We can hang it to open the wall that room door face is opposite, tea table or be sofa relies on the upper part of wall, the setting wall that serves as sofa is very good also, but ten million remember cannot be hanged in corner place or the corner place of chest, such hang a law very unlucky.

How to hang decorative painting - hang decorative painting to pay attention to lighting
The daylighting of bedroom picture is very important, very cultured, especially the bedroom that draws kind hangs a picture.
Do not have a bedroom to draw can have dark cent, however the illuminant of the painting is the bedroom that needs to adopt left upper part, to face the sun, so bedroom adornment is drawn should be hanged inside the bedroom and window
become 90 degrees of Angle flank, such can use the natural light source outside the window, also can echo each other.

How to hang a decorative picture - pay attention to the height of the decorative picture
Adornment picture is hanged appropriate adornment height is helpful for people to watch and enjoy, highly generally is the bedroom painted pictures on parallel people stood at the centre of the slightly higher position best, the distance from the ground commonly 2 meters high, too high or too low will lead to the collocation of coordination of whole room, so we must avoid don't match the phenomenon.

How to hang decorative paintings - notice the number of decorative paintings
Amount of adornment picture is not much, although be much also ok, but must put reach the designated position, such ability has the effect that makes the finishing point to the bedroom.
Overmuch hang adornment picture to be able to make a person dazzling instead, the adornment picture that chooses meticulously is enough already, such meeting makes whole space appears atmosphere is thick.

How to hang decorative paintings - notice the hues of decorative paintings
The tonal tint of adornment picture cannot too onefold, and even with household decorates the integral color of style to cooperate each other, the content of adornment picture should give priority to with contracted concise, reflect the interest that gives hang adornment picture.
Then there are the colorful oil paintings or watercolours which are also very suitable for decorative painting.
For the household that decorates to old-style style, friends can choose a few adornment pictures that have name clan style or person has historical representative meaning, but still need to ask to achieve harmonious visual effect on whole.

I've already told you how to get the best results by hanging large modern paintings. Have you noticed these problems before?
After reading these notes, you can try them on your own and use these techniques to adjust the decorative painting hung in your home.
The type of adornment picture is a lot of, you can buy a few kinds of outfit to act the role of a picture to hang in different place more, can let a home become more beautiful certainly inside